The Future We Want...

We will work with communities across South Wales focussing on:

  • Children, young people, vulnerable adults and families
  • Disadvantaged communities 


We want to create opportunities for people to lead healthier and more active lives...


How will we know if we have been successful?


  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved understanding of health issues and risks


We want to improve education and employment opportunities... 


How will we know if we have been successful? 

  • Improved attitude towards and enjoyment of learning
  • Increased educational attainment 
  • Progression into education, employment and training


We want to reduce the levels of offending and re-offending...


How will we know if we have been successful? 

  • Reduced offending and re-offending 
  • Reduced anti-social behaviour 
  • Increased awareness of risk and crime-related behaviours
  • Increased opportunities for participation in safe activities in high crime areas



Outcome 1 - Healthier more active lives...


How will we achieve it? 


  • We will inspire children to adopt healthier lifestyles by providing sports coaching, health education, and teaching resources for schools. 
  • Recruit, train and display a network of Community Health Champions who will disseminate key health messages.
  • Increase enjoyment of Physical Education by providing mentoring support to non-PE specialists in schools. 
  • We will champion and raise awareness of the importance of healthy and active lifestyles amongst Cardiff City FC supporters. 
  • Strengthen our relationships with national, public and third sector health organisations and collaborate to develop innovative community approaches to encourage active lifestyles and improve nutrition through the well-being bond. 
  • Address inequalities of participation in sport and physical activity by providing access to community sport for females, BME groups, people with a disability and individuals from disadvantaged communities. 


Outcome 2 - Improved Education and Employment Opportunities 


How will we achieve it? 

  • We will inspire primary school children in everything from English and Maths to teamwork and sport by providing sports coaching, educational competitions and cross-curricular teaching resources for schools. 
  • Offer post-16 education programmes through sport. Providing positive learning environments which improve attitudes to learning and support progression into further education and employment. 
  • Support children and young people aged 5-25 to bridge the attainment gap by offering education opportunities through sport. 
  • Offer post-16 employability programmes that provide young people with the skills, experience and qualifications they need to move into the world of work. 
  • Increase awareness of enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst children and young people by using the backdrop of professional football clubs' business models to deliver enterprise education. 
  • Engage with employers to provide expertise, mentoring, work-based learning and industry-specific opportunities for young people. 


Outcome 3 - Reduced offending and re-offending 


How will we achieve it? 

  • We will provide access to safe community sport opportunities in high crime areas. 
  • Offer interventions designed to raise awareness of risk and crime-related behaviours and the potential impact on oneself and others. 
  • Provide opportunities for Police Community Support Officers to engage with children and young people through our programmes. 
  • Provide employability training to offenders and ex-offenders developing the skills and qualifications they need to build a more positive future.