On 3 October 2017 Rebecca Evans AM, the Minister for Social Services and Public Health, made a statement on sport and physical recreation.  
In her statement, the Minister set out a clear direction for Sport Wales focussing on getting more people active throughout their lives, providing children with the skills and confidence to be and stay active, and investing effort and resources where there are significant variations in participation and where there is a lack of opportunity or aspiration to be active. The Minister was also clear that she expects the sport sector to adapt, to become more resilient and to demonstrate better its contribution to the nation’s well-being goals. 
We welcome the policy statement made yesterday by the Minister. As a sport for development charity the Cardiff City FC Community Foundation has long recognised the power of sport as a tool for social good. We recognise that sport and physical recreation has a unique contribution to make in improving health and well-being, and has the potential to contribute to addressing a number of the challenges currently facing our nation. 
We want a future where our communities are more prosperous, healthier, more resilient and more cohesive; a future where children, young people and families achieve their full potential regardless of inequalities. Sport can be a powerful engagement  tool and we look forward to collaborating with others and making a contribution to our nation’s well-being goals.’