The Bluebirds Charity and Cardiff City FC have created a space for the Veterans and the Armed Forces community to meet and support each other on a matchday at Cardiff City Stadium.


The Foundation and Cardiff City Football Club believe that an area like the Hub provides a safe and relaxed environment for Veterans and ex-servicemen and women to get together to talk about football and shared experiences. Providing a Hub for Veterans to get together is important to help combat loneliness and mental health issues.

The Bluebirds Charity has been running a range of projects over the last year to support Veterans and members of the Armed Forces community who may suffer from social isolation.


Anthony has been attending the Veteran's project since it began and has seen a huge improvement in his self-confidence and interaction with other people. 


Located at Block 111 in the Ninian Stand, the Hub will be open to access as soon as the gates open, approximately 1.5 hours before kick-off for the remainder of the season.


Veterans who sit in Blocks 118 - 205 will have access to the Hub, whilst Veterans who sit outside of Blocks 118-125 can access the Hub by speaking to a matchday steward. 


All Veterans are welcome!