A number of pupils participating in the Premier League Primary Stars Transition Project were rewarded for their passion and progression whilst working with the Foundation.


Malakai and Olivia from Herbert Thompson Primary School in Ely, Morgan and Harley from Millbank Primary School in Ely and Connor and Brandon from Twyn Primary School in Caerphilly were all highlighted as individuals that had developed significantly since the programme began in January 2018.

Malakai and Olivia will be walking out with their heroes against Manchester City and Arsenal, whilst Morgan and Harley will accompany the players onto the pitch against Newcastle and Connor and Brandon against Burnley. 



The Premier League Primary Stars Transition Project branches off the Primary Stars Project itself and is designed to support Year 6 pupils with the move from primary to secondary school. The project improves motivation and attitudes towards education whilst equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. 


Our work with primary schools in disadvantaged communities across South Wales uses the unique appeal of Cardiff City Football Club and the Premier League to engage with children across a number of different areas.

The Foundation have engaged with over 250 schools through our early years and primary development programmes in 2017/18.