Cardiff City FC Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of a new Veterans' project in collaboration with the Royal British Legion. 

The programme has been designed to use the power of Cardiff City FC to engage with older, socially isolated veterans in and around Cardiff who would not normally make themselves known to veteran support services. 

We will deliver this project so that it reaches out and engages with older veterans, bringing them together to reduce isolation and loneliness, re-build old connections and develop new relationships at the same time, helping veterans to become more physically and mentally active. 

Wales has one of the largest proportions of veterans in the U.K with 7% of all veterans currently living here. Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan has a veterans population of around 27,320 and 8% suffer with mental health issues including depression and anxiety. 

Social isolation was the most commonly reported health issue by those aged 75 and over. Challenges to accessing local services need to be addressed, this new project will work to improve the challenges faced by isolated veterans by connecting them with services together and serving as a hub facility. 

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