We strive to deliver high quality programmes to our beneficiaries to ensure we are set apart from the rest and allow the individuals we work with to reach their potential. 

Equality is core to both our charity and day to day projects. Ensuring that we are inclusive for all by focusing on the needs of the individuals we work with through each programme is imperative to our values. 

Our innovative approach to new and existing programmes allows for creative and fun delivery. Staff communicate, share concepts and ideas with each other as the Foundation seeks to be original in the delivery to our beneficiaries. 

We deliver, communicate and present a professional service and we seek to be positive role models to our beneficiaries, partners, fellow colleagues and stakeholders. 

We are passionate to carry out the work of Cardiff City FC Foundation and are proud to go above and beyond for our learners, participants and colleagues. We strive to match the values of our mantra, 'Changing Lives through Sport & Education'.