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The Traineeship programme offers learners the opportunity to discover their capabilities without the pressure to achieve qualifications...

Why the project is needed?

As of April 2020, Youth unemployment rate in Wales is 10.8%

How did we help?

We provided 1538 lessons for young people on our Traineeship project

What are the results?

Over 30 learners progressed onto our Level 1 programme

The structure of the Traineeship Engagement course is the perfect balance between classroom-based learning and practical activities.

Our Traineeship Engagement course provides young people with the advice, techniques and experience to become work-ready or progress into further education.

We focus on developing soft skills within a flexible environment to help unlock each student’s potential and place no pressure on achieving qualifications.

We work closely with each individual and provide opportunities for work-based placements in the sport and active leisure industry.

Upon completing a traineeship engagement course, students can progress onto the Traineeship Level 1 course.

Whilst engaging in the course students will receive £30 per week plus any travel expenses.

The Traineeship programme led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund.


Duration: 12 - 26 weeks (All-year-round enrolment)

Study mode: 3 days a week (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Entry Requirements: None

Qualification: Essential Skills – Communication Essential Skills – Application of Number First Aid

How do I join? Referrals are through Careers Wales or fill in the form below

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