Cardiff City Kit Launch: The People behind the Pictures

03 September 2021

Cardiff City FC launched their 21/22 official kit on Saturday 10th July – with help from Cardiff City FC Community Foundation participants.

So, who are the people behind the pictures and how have they been supported by the Cardiff City FC Community Foundation?


Cephas attends the Foundation's Premier League Kicks sessions in Aberdare. Kicks is a youth outreach project that provides a safe place for young people to play football and develop personal skills.

Cephas and his family relocated to Aberdare from Africa when he was young.

He and his brother used Kicks to meet new friends, stay off the streets, and connect with other young people through their passion for football and Cardiff City.

Six years later, and Cephas is thriving, attending Kicks weekly whilst balancing his time with his studies.

It's amazing to be a part of this launch. It's been a surreal experience!


Chloe experienced bullying at school which led to her experiencing feelings of anger frustration. Her relationships with teachers, family, and friends suffered as her behaviour changed. She became disengaged from education and spent time in the school’s behavioural unit.

Through our Premier League Kicks Targeted project, the Foundation provided one-to-one mentoring sessions to support Chloe to understand and manage her feelings, develop her communication skills and improve her interpersonal relationships.

I'm so thankful for the Foundation's support!

Since her engagement with the Foundation, Chloe's behaviour has improved dramatically.

She is doing well in school, recently completed her GCSE's and has not been in trouble outside of school.

A massive Cardiff City fan, Chloe told us what it meant to be involved in this year's kit launch campaign:

"Having the opportunity to work with Cardiff City FC Foundation has had a huge impact on my life and I'm so thankful for their support.

I wouldn't have had the chance to take part in a campaign for the Club I love without them, so thank you!"


87-year-old John became Cardiff City FC Foundation’s oldest beneficiary when he joined their Walking Football team. However, this is not the first time he’s represented the Bluebirds.

John’s love for football began at the age of 16 when he was at school.

The dream to play as a professional footballer was real for John, however, this dream took a slight detour when John enrolled in the Royal Airforce and was assigned to barracks in Staffordshire.

Before John left for the Midlands, a Cardiff City Football Club representative recognised John’s talent during a Cardiff and District U18 fixture, he represented Cardiff City reserves later that year.

It was a great feeling to put on the new Cardiff City shirt!

Walking football is one of the main sources of exercise for John and he has seen an overall increase in his physical and mental health.

To feature in his boyhood Club's kit launch, John said:

"It was a great feeling to put on the new Cardiff City shirt. I have been involved with the Club since I was 18, a spectator all my life, and now the Walking Football player/coach.

"Putting this shirt on at 87 years old has made me proud and brought back so many memories."


Jordi has been involved with the Foundation for almost a decade and is a passionate Cardiff City fan. Jordi - now 15-years old - was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two. Jordi has had three separate surgical procedures in the time he has been attending the Foundation’s Bluebirds Ability sessions.

It was a memorable experience and I felt privileged to be a part of it!

Jordi was also named as the Foundation's Community Participant of the Year at Cardiff City FC's 2019 Awards Night after showing dedication and passion to our Bluebirds Ability sessions.

Jordi said:

I really enjoyed doing the kit launch. It was a memorable experience and I felt privileged to be a part of it. I hope the new kit brings luck for Cardiff this season, come on Bluebirds!


Zayan is a passionate football fan but began to lose interest in sport and physical activity due to his visual impairment.

He joined the Foundation’s Bluebirds Ability sessions which supports children with a disability to improve wellbeing, develop confidence and increase social interaction.

Thanks to the support of Foundation coach Nadine, the Foundation created a welcoming positive experience for Zayan, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

We felt so special when we found out!

Zayan's Mum, Ghazala, and her newborn daughter were also featured in the kit launch campaign.

Ghazala said:

We felt so special when we found out we'd be one of the first people to wear the new kit. Zayan is a huge supporter of Cardiff City FC, and we were all very excited and extremely privileged to have been a part of the launch. Thank you, Cardiff City FC Foundation and Cardiff City FC!

The Foundation would like to thank everyone involved in Cardiff City FC's official kit launch.

You can support people like Cephas, Chloe, John, Jordi and Zayan by topping up your season ticket and donating to the Foundation, joining our mailing list, fundraise for us or donate here.


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