"All Skilled Up" is a partnership between Cardiff City FC Foundation and Literature Wales supported by the PFA and Premier League Charitable Fund. It is a literacy project aimed at Key Stage 2 children across South Wales and it aims to increase basic skills in reading, writing and speaking, using football as the learning tool. 

Cardiff City FC Foundation uses the power of Cardiff City FC to change lives. We know that the inspiration of football can create healthier more positive futures for children and young people. 

Each lesson has been developed with local consultants and teachers who have a genuine passion for football and it's ability to engage children and young people. The project therefore captures the imagination of children and supports their learning. 

Another benefit of running a project of this nature is that whilst we are improving the children's basic skills, we are also developing their football skills, increasing the amount of physical activity they participate in each week and installing teamwork in a fun and safe environment. 

Cardiff City FC is extremely fortunate to boast a yield of players who are ever keen to play an active part in improving the lives of those in our local communities through weekly visits to schools, workplaces, commercial venues, hospitals and of course with their charitable donations in line with Foundation Day supporting the 'All Skilled Up Programme'. Cardiff City FC Foundation would like to say a massive thank you to all first team players for helping to make this project a continued success. 

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