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Lesson 14: The Fundraiser - Away

The Fundraiser - Away: Lesson Plan (Powerpoint) 

The Fundraiser - Away: Activity Plan (Word) 

Lesson 13: Number of the Day - Part 2

Number of the Day (Part 2): Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Number of the Day (Part 2): Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 12: The Fundraiser

The Fundraiser: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

The Fundraiser: Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 11: Number of the Day

Number of the Day: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Number of the Day: Activity Sheet (Word)

Rhif y Dydd: Cynllun Gwers (Cymraeg)

Rhif y Dydd: Taflen Weithgaredd (Cymraeg)

Lesson 10: You're the Groundsman (Part 2)

You're the Groundsman (Part 2): Lesson Plan

You're the Groundsman (Part 2): Activity Sheet

Lesson 9: You're the Groundsman

You're the Groundsman: Lesson Plan

You're the Groundsman: Activity Sheet

Gofalwr y Cae: Cynllun Gwers (Cymraeg)

Gofalwr y Cae:Taflen Weithgaredd (Cymraeg)

Lesson 8: You're the Kit Manager

You're the Kit Manager: Lesson Plan

You're the Kit Manager: Activity Sheet

Lesson 7: Performance Analysing

Performance Analysing: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Performance Analysing: Activity Sheet (Word)

Dadansoddwr Perfformiad: Cynllun Gwers (Cymraeg)

Dadansoddwr Perfformiad: Taflen Weithgaredd (Cymraeg)

Lesson 6: Pre-match routines

Pre-match routines: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Pre-match routines: Activity Sheet (Word)

Trefn Cyn-Gêm: Cynllun Gwers (Cymraeg)

Trefn Cyn-Gêm: Taflen Weithgaredd (Cymraeg)

Lesson 5: Maths with the Bluebirds

Maths with the Bluebirds: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Maths with the Bluebirds: Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 4: Shopping List

Shopping List: Lesson Plan & Activity (PowerPoint)

Lesson 3: Coordinates

Numeracy: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Numeracy: Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 2: Number Sequences

Number Sequences: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Number Sequences: Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 1: You're the Director of Football

You're the Director of Football: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

You're the Director of Football: Activity Sheet (Word)