As a response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have developed a web portal for children in Key Stage 2 learning and parents to support you and your child's development during this time. Over the next days, weeks and months we will be updating this daily with new and useful content for all.

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Lesson 11: You're the Recruiter

You're the Recruiter: Lesson Plan

You're the Recruiter: Activity Sheet

Lesson 10: You're the Interviewer

You're the Interviewer: Lesson Plan

You're the Interviewer: Activity Sheet

Lesson 9: The Appraiser

The Appraiser: Lesson Plan

The Appraiser: Activity Sheet

 Lesson 8: Story Starting

Story starting: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Story starting: Activity Sheet (Word)

Lesson 7: Reading with Sol & Robert

Reading with Sol & Robert: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Lesson 6: Letter Writing

Letter Writing: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Letter Writing: Template (Word)

Lesson 5: Reading with Bartley

Reading with Bartley: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

Lesson 4: You're the Commentator

You're the Commentator: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

You're the Commentator: Activity Sheet (Word)

You're the Commentator: Easy Read Activity Sheet (Word)

You're the Commentator: Team Sheet (PDF)

Lesson 3: Poetry

Poetry: Lesson Plan

Poetry: Activity Sheet

Lesson 2: You're the Reporter

You're the Reporter: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

You're the Reporter: Match Report (PDF)

You're the Reporter: Activity Sheet (Word)

You're the Reporter: Activity Sheet (Word: Easy-read)

Lesson 1: Premier League Writing Stars

PL Writing Stars: Lesson Plan (PowerPoint)

PL Writing Stars: Activity Sheets (Word)

PL Writing Stars: Supporting Material (Word)