Returning to school will have proved challenging for lots of children following a 14-week period of school closure. Undoubtedly, many children’s emotional, physical and social wellbeing will have been negatively affected.

Cardiff City FC Foundation, the official Bluebirds charity is pleased to be back in schools in mid-September, helping children reconnect, improve confidence and wellbeing and develop new skills through sport.

After providing remote learning opportunities during lockdown, the Foundation’s coaches are providing fun and engaging P.E and PSHE activities face-to-face for the first time since March. Children are taking part in small group activities designed to use football as a tool to improve wellbeing and boost confidence. 

Bethan Price, Headteacher at Llanharan Primary School said:

Focusing on children’s wellbeing is the priority for us as a school. A major focus for us coming back has been about checking in on children’s wellbeing, providing activates to raise self-esteem and getting them outside exercising.

Having the Foundation coaches return to delivering sports activities this week is a huge bonus in helping us improve our pupil’s wellbeing. A lot of our children have spent lockdown at home, in the house with minimal exercise.

The Foundation has also been busy during lockdown providing daily football-themed educational resources to support children and young people with literacy, numeracy and PSHE. In June, the Foundation launched the Bluebirds from Home School Festival, a week-long festival designed to support children’s wellbeing and improve learning, engaging with more than 13,000 children.

We’re also grateful for the support during lockdown. We incorporated the learning materials provided by the Foundation into our weekly teaching programme. 

As a school we took part in the Bluebirds school festival where we accessed additional football-themed educational resources that helped develop pupil's Literacy and Numeracy skills. 

We used the activities provided as part of the festival to host a virtual sports day. We were really impressed by the engagement from our pupils and parents. It felt as close to a sports day as possible. We had hundreds of pupils engaged as well as parents and staff taking part. This wouldn't have been possible without Cardiff City FC Foundation’s support.

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