Goal 1 - Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and the development of skills 

  • Improve the general attitude towards learning 
  • Offer alternative post-16 education programmes 
  • Offer employability programmes for young people 
  • Offer literacy engagement and activation sessions 
  • Provide work based learning and industry specific opportunities 

How will we know if we've been successful? 

  • Improved educational attainment
  • Increased number of young people progressing onto higher education and/or gaining access to employment training

Goal 2 - Creating opportunities for people to lead healthier lives 

  • Through the recruitment, support and celebration of 'Community Champions' that will disseminate and drive valuable health messages within their communities
  • By strengthening our relationships with national, public and third sector health organisations
  • By utilising research, insight and recommendations from across the health sector to better inform, shape and influence our work 
  • By enhancing access to short-term alternative health interventions for men, families and those living within deprived or low income communities 

How will we know if we've been successful?

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Greater access to alternative health interventions
  • Increased general awareness for the Foundation with a consequential rise in number of participants