Friday 11th September 2020

Caerphilly borough has entered a local lockdown after a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases.  

Further detail is available here.

The lockdown will affect beneficiaries and staff who live or attend Foundation sessions within the area. 

Beneficiaries living in Caerphilly are encouraged to observe lockdown restrictions and will not be permitted to attend Foundation activities outside the area unless travelling to an education setting. 

Future Pathways learners will be able to travel to the House of Sport for face to face learning. 

As a response to the rising number of cases in RCT and Merthyr Tydfil, Council leaders in RCT and Merthyr are asking residents to take voluntary action now to avoid a local lockdown in the near future. Further detail is available here.

The safety of staff and beneficiaries remains our top priority and we have introduced measures to ensure we can continue to provide services safely and within the guidelines. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Click here to access our digital resources developed to support children, young people and families during lockdown.  


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