This week is National #LivingWageWeek and Cardiff City FC Foundation are continuing our support for the Living Wage Foundation

We fully encourage and back the work that the Living Wage Foundation carry out throughout the year and it was announced on November 6th that the National Living Wage has increased to £8.75 per hour

Having been a Living Wage employer for the last year, Cardiff City FC Foundation are alongside some of the biggest companies in the country who support this project including the likes of Nestle, Nationwide, Aviva and Oxfam.

The Living Wage Foundation are the organisation at the heart of the independent movement of businesses and people that campaign for the idea that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. They celebrate and recognise the leadership of responsible employers who choose to go further and pay a real Living Wage based on the cost of living, not just the government minimum.

The organisation "provide a forum for leading employers and service providers to publicly join the independent movement of organisations, businesses and people campaigning for a wage which is enough to live on. We work with Principal Partners who bring financial and strategic support to our work. We coordinate Living Wage Week each November, a UK-wide celebration of the Living Wage movement."