Scott Young and Cardiff City FC Community Foundation welcomed members of our Bluebirds Ability sessions to Cardiff City House of Sport on Tuesday 10th March.

The event marked the EFL Day of Action, an annual celebration of the impact that professional football clubs have in their communities, bringing together the most unique projects and programmes being run across England and Wales.

Across the Sky Bet Championship, events were held by Clubs to showcase the very best programmes and activity they deliver in a number of important areas, including diversity and inclusion, education, and health and wellbeing.

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation welcomed children and young people from our Bluebirds Ability sessions to take part in fun, football games.

Bluebirds Ability provides children and young people with a disability regular access to football sessions, helping to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, confidence and social skills.

Josh Law, Disability Co-ordinator at the Foundation, said:

It's been a fantastic experience for our participants. People with a disability experience health inequality and are twice as likely to be inactive compared to their more abled peers. They are less likely to have big social groups or social connections.

The connection these children have with our Club and the regular access to football sessions is really important in tackling these issues.

In the last year, we've supported we supported over 20,000 people to learn, be active, adopt healthy lifestyles and develop important life skills.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved but there is much to be done.

We need your help to ensure every child, young person and family know their worth.

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