Daniel finished high school in 2010 without any qualifications; a difficult situation that became apparent when Dan found it difficult to find a job, let alone a job in an industry that offered potential career advancement.


After a trip to the job centre, Dan was told about Cardiff City FC Foundation’s ‘Strikers Programme’ which helps students to develop important life skills and empower aspirations for the futures of many young people in similar situations.


Dan instantly flourished on the course; his enthusiasm to learn about the hospitality industry’s relationship with professional sport was welcomed by the experienced and passionate Foundation staff. The former Strikers student said he “wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t attend the course, the Foundation really helped me focus on the opportunities available through the Strikers Programme.”

Following completion of the course, Dan gained employment with Compass Group, Cardiff City’s food and support service organization. James Wing, Compass Group’s Hospitality Manager, was impressed with Dan’s progress and said ‘He’s been a real asset to the team, he’s stepped up massively in the retails role and is a raw and important member of the team.’

The ‘Strikers Programme’ has given Dan a sense of direction, where he has developed a wide range of skills within the hospitality and retail industry. The Foundation’s dedication and passion to serve the community isn’t limited to the staff, Cardiff City FC player Craig Noone stated ‘The Foundation has grown a lot since I have been here and it’s only going to continue to grow. It goes a long way in the community and it’s a brilliant thing.”