Cardiff City FC Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Cymraeg gyda’r Adar Gleision’ project in Llansannor and Llanharry Church in Wales Primary School.


Funded by the Premier League Charitable Fund as part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme, this project showcases the innovative approach shown by Llansannor and Llanharry Primary School and the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club, who appreciate the importance of building on children’s language skills and developing an atmosphere of global understanding and citizenship.


In light of the Welsh Government’s Global Future vision to ensure that all learners in Wales become global citizens, are able to communicate in other languages and appreciate other cultures, Llansannor & Llanharry are developing a ‘bilingual plus one’ initiative.


Cardiff City FC Foundation uses the unique appeal of the Cardiff City FC brand and the Premier League as a hook to inspire children when developing their Welsh language skills. 


Running over a two-hour period per week, the project includes both practical and classroom-based elements that are delivered by our bilingual coaches through the medium of Welsh to Year 6 pupils.


Foundation Director Gavin Hawkey said: “This innovative programme uses the unique appeal of Cardiff City FC to improve children’s language skills and develop citizenship. It’s a welcome addition to our Primary Stars offer which inspires children to learn, be active, develop life skills and achieve their full potential.”


Acting Head teacher at Llansannor and Llanharry Primary, Claire Cook added: "Llansannor CIW Primary school are thrilled to be involved in the development of the Cardiff City FC Foundations 'Cymraeg gyda’r Adar Gleision’ project. Our Year 6 pupils have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this innovative programme, developing both their physical and language skills in preparation for a future in an ever-changing world.

"It has been a real pleasure to hear the children communicating confidently through the medium of the Welsh language with their peers during class based and outdoor learning experiences. I would like to thank Cardiff City FC Foundation for collaboratively working with us on this project. I look forward to hearing more about their success in schools across Wales in the near future!”

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