Levelling the Playing Field

Football is everyone’s game and a powerful way to help overcome barriers and promote inclusion...

Zayan is a passionate football fan but began to lose interest in sport and physical activity due to his visual impairment until he joined Cardiff City FC Community Foundation’s Bluebirds Ability sessions.

Through a skilled and confident coach in Nadine, the Foundation is able to ensure Zayan has a positive experience in sport, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

As a reward for his progress during his 11-month attendance, Zayan was selected as a mascot for Cardiff City vs. Liverpool in April 2019, leading the players onto the hallowed turf at Cardiff City Stadium in front of over 32,000 Bluebirds supporters.

“My love for football brought me to the sessions and it’s why I keep coming back.”

Our Bluebirds Ability sessions use sport as a tool for children and young people with a disability to improve their confidence, physical and mental wellbeing, and improve their social interaction.

These sessions are open to anyone with a disability who is aged five and over who wants to take part in sport regularly. Everyone is welcome and our qualified coaches make sure all of the players who attend are given the opportunity to experience the benefits of taking part in regular sport.

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