Dan Holland was just two years old when he and his mum made the move from Southend to Cardiff following his father’s entry to rehab.


After his Mum was also omitted to hospital, he was taken into care for what was supposed to be six months, but eventually turned out to be six years.


“I felt lost, my head was probably at its worst. I didn’t know what was going to happen next,” Dan says.


“Llamau put me in touch with the Cardiff City FC Foundation, I found the football coaching course and immediately booked me onto it.”


The Bluebirds Charity helped Dan realise what he wanted to do with his future self, and he also started to gain an interest in magic.


“I got into David Blain through one of his documentaries that was on T.V. From there I was hooked on magic.


“It’s gone from showing one or two people to performing at every match day. When it’s just me and the magic, it keeps my head clear and it keeps me focussed.


“The Foundation’s coaching course has let me take control of what I want to do, it’s made it a lot easier for me, made me more confident in myself and my abilities to push through.”


Following his studies with the Foundation, Dan is still very much involved. Now 20 years-old, he has gone on to study game design at University of South Wales and still appears at our events as a magician.