Cardiff City FC Foundation were delighted to welcome Olivia to Cardiff City Stadium as a mascot for Cardiff City vs. Arsenal in September. 


A standout participant in our Premier League Primary Stars Transition Project, Olivia was rewarded for her hard work, willingness to learn, kindness when helping classmates and improvement in behaviour. 

Olivia accompanied Joe Bennett onto the Cardiff City Stadium pitch in front of over 30,000 fans, after taking part in a once in lifetime experience. 


Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of the Premier League and Cardiff City Football Club to inspire children across South Wales to learn, be active and develop important life skills.


The Transition Project looks to develop primary school children’s motivation and positive attitudes during the transition from primary to secondary school education. The Transition projects helps to reduce anxiety associated with the move, whilst also helping pupils develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be confident and excel once they reach secondary school. 

We've launched an appeal to raise £350,000 to support children with disabilities access sport and improve primary school children's reading and writing skills.

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