Following a visit to Millbank Primary School in Ely, Cardiff City first-team squad members Omar Bogle and Isaac Vassell chose Maizie to be a matchday mascot in Cardiff City's 3-0 win over Queen's Park Rangers at Cardiff City Stadium.

Maizie was rewarded for her excellent attitude to all areas of her learning in school. She has also recently been chosen to be a ‘Super Ambassador’, as she sets high standards of behaviour and respect at all times, becoming a role model for her classmates and other children in her school.


As well as achieving high standards academically, Maizie is a promising footballer, representing Cardiff and Vale Under 11s as well as her local team.

Maizie is a part of the Premier League Primary Stars Project at Millbank Primary School, that uses the unique appeal of Cardiff City to inspire young people through their education.

The project works with over 50 primary schools across South Wales each year, working with around 5,000 children and teachers to lead healthier, more active lives whilst striving to achieve their full potential.