Maddison is a pupil at Aberdare Town Church in Wales Primary School and has been receiving sessions as part of the +Sport Move and Learn Project. 

The programme has been developed by nutritional and educational and sporting experts in line with the recommendations in the Government’s Eatwell Guide and its learning outcomes are in line with the National Curriculum for PSHE and Science.

These workshops were commended by Deputy Headteacher Mrs Walters, who has seen the progression the children have made since they began last summer: "We agreed to do the project initially because we wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle, and promote wellbeing of the children in general. We liked the fact that it wasn’t just looking at exercise, it was also addressing nutrition and everything else, and obviously the brand of Cardiff City Football Club would make it attractive to our pupils." 

Supporting children, young people and families across South Wales is one of the main aims of Cardiff City FC Foundation, and creating a relaxed learning environment made it much easier for the children to concentrate on the sessions and extend their knowledge on health and wellbeing: "The children really respected Tom when he came in. He is such a good role model for the children, but having that Cardiff City brand does make a difference. Using the brand, and the phrases like “Premier League” just get the kids going from the get-go." 

Maddison Success Story

Maddison is a Year 6 pupil, and is in her final year in Primary School. She wasn't originally that keen on playing football. However since Cardiff City FC Foundation have been delivering session in the school, Maddison has been at the forefront of the pupils' development: 

"When Tom visits the school, I try to help out with other people and inspire other girls to take part in football. A lot of girls in the school saw football as a boy’s game, but then they saw me start playing and I think I changed their minds. It’s good for other people to enjoy football and the others who don’t, I try and get them a bit more fluent. I try and get the girls to come and play with me, telling them I’ll teach them some skills and things like that, just so they feel a bit more comfortable." 

At just 10 years old, Maddison has managed to attract so many girls to play football that her school have allowed her to create a brand new after-school club specifically for girls football: "After Christmas we’re starting a girls-only after school club because so many of the girls in the school have said to me that they want to play." 

Mrs Walters has nothing but praise for Maddison, who leaves for Comprehensive School at the end of the academic year, and thanks Cardiff City FC Foundation for giving her the opportunity to express herself: "I’m so proud of what Maddison has achieved, I think she is a real inspiration. We see awards being given to football players that have inspired people, but we’ve got our very own inspirational player here.

"I’d definitely recommend the sessions to other schools, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the difference in self-confidence really shows – as well as the details that the coaches go into about nutrition and healthy eating."