Cardiff City FC Foundation offers a series of successful inclusion programmes across South Wales, encouraging community cohesion and helping individuals to make positive life changes.


The initiatives, which include The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Started Into’ courses, ‘Premier League Kicks’ and ‘Premier League Works’ differ in delivery but share a similar goal. Kicks works with the general community, whereas Works is in association with Park prison; but both strive to educate and up-skill individuals to divert them away from anti-social behavior and towards employment.

Through The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Into’ and ‘Get Started’ courses, it has been possible to improve personal development of hundreds of 16-30 year olds in South Wales by developing skills, confidence and promoting motivation that could help them gain nationally recognized qualifications and employment in the future. Dai Burton, XL and Get Started Programme Executive, said “Working with the Foundation is always a rewarding experience. The courses are popular and make a significant impact on the young people that join us.”

One individual in particular on the ‘Get Into Security’ programme is Josh Williams. Josh grew up in a small farming community in Carmarthenshire. Josh left school without qualifications and subsequently found himself not in education, training or employment. He also suffers from severe dyslexia, meaning he relied heavily on parental support.


After being referred to the course and completing a 170 mile journey to obtain a passport to meet course entry requirements, Josh enrolled onto the course. The same desire and drive was shown throughout the duration of the course, travelling every day from Carmarthen to Cardiff. At times when the demands of the course were proving difficult for Josh, staff and his peers on the course played a vital role in encouraging Josh to continue and work towards his exams – which he did, and passed confidently.


Speaking of his experience, Josh said “The course gave me a lot of experience in the security industry. The staff were brilliant and showed us what we could achieve if we put our mind to it.” Josh has now received his SIA licence and has secured employment within the security industry where he is responsible for the security of valuable solar panel equipment on a solar farm in Dover.


There are hundreds of young people across South Wales struggling to find their way in life whilst facing difficult challenges that perhaps not everyone understands. With the right support from the Foundation’s inclusion staff, these young people are re-engaged with society.