Carys was one of 11 Cardiff City FC Foundation mascots who accompanied the Bluebirds onto the pitch on Friday 30th August against Fulham after she was rewarded for her hard work and dedication on the Primary Stars Project.

Carys struggled to focus during lessons and she found numeracy lessons particularly hard. Since being diagnosed with dyslexia, Carys has found it difficult to read from the whiteboard in class and would often shy away from asking for additional support.


Since being a part of the Premier League Primary Stars Project with the Cardiff City FC Foundation, Carys has found a new level of confidence and belief in herself and her capabilities within education.

Bluebirds Charity coaches have supported Carys during lesson time and have helped develop some essential skills that can be used in a classroom setting including communication and teamwork.

A key focus and target for Carys since beginning the project was to develop her resilience and creating a mindset that allows her to overcome any challenge.

Foundation Coach, Ben, has been working with Carys since she joined the project and has seen a huge step forward in her personality as well as her schoolwork.

"Carys has shown tremendous progress since being a part of the Primary Stars Project," he says. "It’s been a pleasure working with her in school and helping her achieve the goals she has set herself."