Cardiff City FC Foundation works alongside pupils in Year 6 making the transition from primary to secondary education through our Premier League Primary Stars Transition Project.

The Transition Project looks to develop primary school children’s motivation and positive attitudes during the transition from primary to secondary school education, whilst also helping to reduce anxiety associated with the move, whilst also helping pupils develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be confident and excel once they reach secondary school.

Aliyah is currently a student in Cardiff West Community High School in Ely, she was rewarded for her hard work, willingness to learn, kindness when helping classmates and improvement in behaviour.

Aliyah always shows a willingness to learn and improve with sports and in the classroom. She is a popular role model for girls and boys in her year and she's taken the bridge from primary to secondary in her stride and has settled into secondary education with ease.

As a reward for her hard work and progression, Aliyah was chosen to accompany the Bluebirds out against Swansea City in the South Wales derby.

The Transition Project allows young people to develop the tools and skills to deal with the emotional challenges with the transition to secondary school, whilst also reducing the anxiety about change associated with the transition.