Cardiff City FC Foundation was delighted to welcome Abbie to Cardiff City Stadium as a mascot for Cardiff City vs. Huddersfield Town in August.

A standout participant in the Foundation's Primary Stars Project, Abbie was rewarded for an improvement in her behaviour and attitude towards school.

Abbie accompanied captain Sean Morrison on to the Cardiff City Stadium pitch in front of over 20,000 fans, after taking part in a once in a lifetime experience.

"I couldn't believe that I was walking out at the front of the line with Morrison," Abbie says. "It has honestly changed my life and it was an amazing experience to walk out with the players."

In the past, Abbie has found it difficult to engage during lessons due to her lack of self-confidence and requires interventions during school time and prefers to work in small groups.

Since attending the Foundation's Primary Stars Project, Abbie has found a level of enjoyment in learning. Abbie has enjoyed activities such as 'Football Maths', which has helped her learn with her gain more confidence in maths, both inside and outside of school.

"The sessions at St Mellons Hub have made learning more fun for me and helped me with school too," Abbie says. "I really enjoy working with Coach Ben and the rest of the people who take part."

Abbie's confidence in school is ever-growing due to the support and friendships she has made during the sessions at St Mellons Hub.

Thank you for leading the team to victory, Abbie!