Josh comes out of his comfort zone

Cardiff City FC Foundation offers a series of successful inclusion programmes across South Wales, encouraging community cohesion and helping individuals to make positive life changes.Read more

Overcoming Barriers

Cheyanne has always enjoyed the educational aspect of school, however her social anxiety meant she did not like the setting so rarely attended...Read more

Daisy discovers her talents

Daisy set her sights on the Foundation’s BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma course, and now she's looking to succeed.Read more

Sam succeeds with the Foundation

18 year old Sam recently graduated after studying on the Foundation's BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Excellence course and is now studying at University.Read more

Luke looks ahead to the future

Luke used the Foundation's Education Programme as an alternative to mainstream learning.Read more

Dan drives for success

Daniel finished high school in 2010 without any qualifications; a difficult situation that became apparent when Dan found it difficult to find a job, let alone a job in an industry that offered potential career advancement.Read more

Matthew benefits from 'Get Into: Security'

Matthew found himself unemployed before he joined the 'Get Into: Security' course...Read more

Abdi gets into athletics

Abdi has used the Foundation's education ladder to improve his chances of going to University...Read more

Move & Learn with Maddison

Maddison became inspired by the Cardiff City FC Foundation and Kinder's +Sport Move and Learn Project...Read more

Building Safer Communities

Dan started to coming to our Caerphilly sessions when he was 14...Read more

Ffion reaps the rewards

After she showed significant progress during her Premier League Primary Stars project, Ffion had an experience of a lifetime...Read more

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Our Kicks sessions in Caerau & Ely helped Cory on the road to development...Read more