Cardiff City Stadium welcomed Sarah-Ann as a mascot for Cardiff City vs. Luton Town in August. 


A standout participant in the Foundation's Primary Stars project, Sarah-Ann was rewarded for always being engaged and always willing to learn, she’s a very polite and thoughtful young lady that will succeed in whatever she decides to do.

Prior to the project Sarah-Ann was reserved and kept herself to herself. She would get distracted from work and would find herself being bored if she didn’t enjoy the work or found it difficult.

As a goalkeeper herself, Sarah-Ann accompanied Alex Smithies on to the Cardiff City Stadium pitch in front of over 25,000 fans, after taking part in a once in a lifetime experience. 

Since joining the project, Sarah-Ann has learnt to be confident and resilient in everything she does, engaging with all of the activities and has taken part in all of the team-building sessions. As a result of this, Sarah-Ann has come out of her shell and will interact with new people and work well in a team environment.


One of the objectives of the Primary Stars project is to develop primary school children’s motivation and positive attitudes during the transition from primary to secondary school education. The project helps to reduce anxiety associated with the move, whilst also helping pupils develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be confident and excel once they reach secondary school. 

We're also excited to welcome all mascots during the 2019/20 season to the new mascot room at Cardiff City Stadium. 

Our brand-new mascot room takes inspiration from the home dressing room at Cardiff City Stadium, making mascots feel like a Bluebird as soon as they walk in and making their experience special from the very beginning.