The Bluebirds Charity - Cardiff City FC Community Foundation - continued to reward the diligent, resilient and inspirational young people we work with on Wednesday night. 

Logan was rewarded with a mascot position from his School Support Coach, Ben, after showing a great shift in his attitude towards learning.

During his time on the Extra Time Project, Logan has demonstrated a great progression in his approach and attitude towards education.

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation first started working with Logan in primary school. Logan, who is a big sports fan always enjoyed the sports sessions run by the Bluebirds Charity but would often get distracted in the classroom. As Logan's involvement in the Extra Time Project increased, so did his eagerness to learn in the classroom. 

Since starting secondary school, Logan's attitude in the classroom has been so impressive, his teacher described him as a "pleasure to have in class". Recognition for his behaviour didn't stop there as Logan has received a number of achievement points by his teachers.

Logan's hard work and good behaviour is testament the young man's positive attitude to achieve his full potential.