Cardiff City FC Foundation run a number of PAN disability sessions funded by Children in Need throughout the week, which uses sport as a tool to encourage physical health and activity, social interaction and improve confidence.


The Bluebirds Charity have had one individual attend our sessions for over seven years.


Jordi - now 11 years old - was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two, with his disability having the most impact on his legs as well as his arms and torso from time to time.


Jordi has been using a Kaye walker in everyday life, but luckily was “born with a happy, optimistic and sunny personality which has enabled him to cope with his disability in a remarkable way” says his Mum, Natalie.


“I took Jordi along just before his fifth birthday, and it was the first sporting activity he had ever taken part in. After attending these sessions, its inspired Jordi to go on and try other sports like tennis, swimming and cricket,” she says.


Jordi has had three separate surgical procedures in the time he has been attending the disability sessions run by the Bluebirds Charity, seeing him have his Achilles’ tendons extended, consistent Botox in his legs and most recently, re-adjusting his femurs with the hope that he’ll eventually be able to walk unaided.


“Jordi really does enjoy the sessions, they were one of a kind when we were looking and we’re now so grateful that they were running because it’s helped him so much. The other sports that Jordi took part in sort of faded away, whereas the Children in Need sessions have been ever-present,” Natalie says.


Giving Jordi the opportunity to take part in sport despite his disability has seen him take a huge step in achieving his full potential.


“The sessions on a Sunday are very good, I wouldn’t miss them for the world. They really help me improve my football skills and I’ve made loads of new friends.”