Cardiff City FC Foundation works with 50 primary schools every week as part of our Premier League Primary Stars Project, working with children from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 3. 

Hamid is a Year six pupil from Glan-yr-Afon Primary School in Llanrumney. Hamid took part in the Foundation's six-week literacy and sport sessions, showing excellent progress from the first session. 


Hamid has previously been a pupil who was easily distracted during lessons, and prone to messing about with his friends. Hamid has a good level of ability in writing but lacks writing stamina, writing slowly and rarely finishing a task.

Mrs Thompson, Year 6 teacher in Glan-yr-Avon said: 

Hamid was really engaged throughout the sessions, and what was particularly pleasing, is that he was able to work sensibly with a boy that he would normally mess around with. I have also noticed an improvement in Hamid’s written work generally in class, he is writing for longer periods and seems keen to do well.

Inspired by the Cardiff City FC brand, Hamid is a pupil that really enjoys football and showed much more of a desire to learn during the literacy sessions when mixing them in with sport. 


During the lessons, Hamid was engaged and worked well with other children, he showed an improvement in his writing work and has taken this forward into his general school work, with his teachers seeing a huge improvement in his attitude to learning.