A number of our external programmes are in collaboration with the Premier League Charitable Fund – including Premier League Kicks.


Kicks aims to use the inspiration of the Premier League and Cardiff City FC to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve positive participant pathways in areas of social deprivation across South Wales.


The project has helped create huge opportunity and has had a positive impact on young people like Dan Partridge from Caerphilly.

“Premier League Kicks has had a huge impact on my life. I wasn’t doing a lot in terms of sport because I’d just come through surgery after breaking my ankle in four places playing rugby. I didn’t have much to do, so finding the Kicks sessions gave me my confidence back.”


“My Dad found out about the programme through social media around the time I had recovered from surgery. At that point, my confidence was low and he mentioned that there were football sessions in Caerphilly, and said I should go along and see if I enjoy it. It’s been five years and I’m still here, they can’t get rid of me!”


“Kicks means a lot to me, I didn’t have many friends before I started coming to the sessions but I’ve made friends for life here. The coaches are always friendly, always have a smile on their face and are always welcoming and they make you want to come back,”


“I became more interactive with the coaches, I see them as friends now, and I have a more positive outlook on life.”


In the five years that he has been attending Premier League Kicks sessions, Dan has seen himself grow as an individual and has completed nearly 200 hours of volunteering with the British Transport Police.


Kicks has contributed to reducing anti social behaviour in the area by 42% since 2014. Dan’s voluntary role has seen him lead on transporting kicks groups on public transport from the Caerphilly Borough area to the Welsh Capital, as well as speaking to primary school children about the importance of rail safety.


One of the main targets of Kicks is to have a positive impact on the community, and Dan has witnessed this first hand.


“I’ve seen a huge difference in anti-social behavior since Kicks came to Caerphilly. It used to be scary going into town after six o’clock in the evening, because there would be groups of kids roaming around and it’s not nice. However, when there are projects like this it makes them think about what they’re doing, and gives them something to fill their time.”