Cheyenne Flowers went to three different high schools, including one in Bristol, and was also home schooled in year 8 after her mum decided school perhaps wasn't the path for her.

After speaking to Careers Wales, Cheyenne enrolled on the Prince's Trust Employability Course where she also heard about the range of educational courses the Foundation offers: "I didn't want to go on the course initially as I was four stone heavier at the time and not into sport. I had a tour of the stadium and the Foundation staff convinced me that the course offered more educational opportunities, and the sport shouldn't put me off what I want to achieve academically."

Since attending the Foundation’s education programmes, Cheyenne has been awarded a distinction in all her work, much to the shock of her previous school teacher whom had underestimated her abilities due to her low school attendance, which ultimately was a result of her social anxiety.

“For people in the same shoes that I was in I’d say try and say ‘yes’ to every opportunity you’re given because I was given the opportunity to start on the “Strikers” course and I was really hesitant at first. It took a lot of convincing but I agreed and this has what’s happened so I’d say take a chance and try and be more confident within yourself. School’s not for everyone, but the courses that the Foundation offer are.

Not only is Cheyanne now on track to achieve a Triple Distinction in her BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport Performance & Excellence, she has also gained invaluable work experience with the Foundation during Foundation Day and also having volunteered for the Foundation at the Cardiff Half Marathon back in 2015.

“Speaking in front of people used to be really hard for me, but I’ve been to Foundation days, the Cardiff Lifestyle awards and the Hilton Ball not long ago and I’ve had to speak at all of those so that’s helped me with my anxiety and stuff like that and in general I feel more confident."

During her time on the BTEC Level 2 course, Cheyenne gained close friends which gave her the confidence to be social with a larger group when progressing onto the Level 3 Course, adding: “People on the course are close because we all have sport in common and work and train daily together, meaning we develop a close bond. It’s different from school, you feel like you can go to the tutors with your problems, both academically and from day-to-day life.”

Since attending the Foundation course, she has started enjoying going to the gym, something which she now does daily to keep fit. She is also a talented artist and has drawn many of the scientific images relating to the BTEC Level 3 modules which are now on the walls of the Foundation classrooms to help other students to learn.

While Cheyenne was in school, she thought she’d never go to university due to her anxiety issues and low attendance, but she is now considering studying on the Foundation’s degree course. Cheyanne would also like to become a BTEC Level 1 tutor because she’s completed the course, so has seen the good work which the tutors do and the progression which individuals make.

“Once I leave, I’d eventually want to come back here and teach. I wouldn’t mind teaching the Level 3s but I’d enjoy teaching the social-inclusion side of things because I was on the engagement course so I’ve come all the way since then. I’d use my experiences to help people who are in the same situation."