19-year-old Alex Davies was a participant on the Active Bluebirds Project, which helped young people overcome mental health barriers via sport. 


“I had a psychosis back in February and I was referred to the Cardiff City FC Foundation via on of my carers.


“I’m a massive football fan and have a Cardiff City season ticket. The Cardiff City brand is what drew my attention when the course was recommended to me.


“Since I’ve been here, Tony has helped me a lot with my self-confidence and communication skills by talking to other young people on the project,” Alex says.


When he initially joined the project, Alex was very timid and would struggle to interact with our coaches and other participants.


However, Alex has now seen a development in himself, highlighted by the fact that he now volunteers at Barry Town Football Club and has recently joined the Bluebirds Charity's Post-16 Education courses.


“Since joining the Active Bluebirds Project, I’ve started to volunteer at Barry Town with their disability sessions.


“My confidence has gone from not doing anything and sitting at home, to volunteering at a football club all because of this project that is run by the Cardiff City FC Foundation.


“After being on this course and the confidence that Tony has instilled into me, I’ve been back to college and I’ve just started my second year. I still come to the sessions though, I really enjoy it.”


Having taken part in our Active Bluebirds sessions, Alex has also outlined his desire to follow in the footsteps of his coach, Tony.


“I want to go to university in the future and study football coaching, I’ve taken inspiration from Tony on this project and I can’t wait to develop my future career.”