For people who are already facing the impact of inequalities, the Coronavirus pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on disadvantaged childrenyoung people and families in our communities and we are seeing an increase in demand on our services.  

Will you be a teammate today and support children and young people like Emily, who attends our Bluebirds Ability sessions for support with her Autism Spectrum Disorder    

To find out more about Emily’s story, and other amazing young people that we work with click on the stories below.  

Your support will let us be there for more children, young people and families who need our help.

Thank you for being part of our team this Christmas!

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Emily's Story

Being able to see Emily benefit, interact with others and build confidence is so important to us as a family. We feel more positive and positive for her general wellbeing.

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Aaron's Story

Kicks gave me and a lot of the boys I know something positive to do. It's changed me as a person completely over the three years I've been attending, it's helped improve my attitude, and helped me with how to apply myself off the pitch.

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Chloe's Story

I haven’t been getting into trouble with the police like I used to. Since working with Terrand addressing my angerI’m better in school, I have better relationships with teachers and classmates. I’ve got a better relationship with my mum, who’s told me she’s proud of me.

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Cameron's Story

Mentally, I was in a bad way (during lockdown). The (Foundation) tutors were the only people I felt I could talk to. They gave me a confidence boost that we’d be out of a lockdown soon and it helped me see light at the end of the tunnel.

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